Trumpsal Jansen is Four and a Half Years Old

She Believes that the Extra Half

Year Makes Her Smarter and Wiser

Than her "younger" Friends.

If an Adventure Calls for a Leader,

Tara Appoints Herself to the


(She Never Sees that she's the

Leader in Name only and than Chloe

is Actually the Person in Charge.)

Although Something she can be a

Bit Hallo! the Other Kids Accept

Her and have fun Gong on

Adventures Together with Strumpsal.


  • Meacome Corbin
  • Mecuatreadoug McGwire
  • Teaurouceask McGwire
  • Moureatroulev Rylant
  • Meaceanoucea Horton
  • Moucarte Harris

Family MembersEdit

  • Mrs. Andrea Jansen - Tara's red haired mother. Her Nationality is British.
  • Mr. Potter Jansen - Tara's red haired father. His nationality is British.
  • Gina Jansen - Tara's 47 year old blonde haired Grandma. Her nationality is British.
  • Gordon Jansen - Tara's 47 year old blonde haired Grandpa. His nationality is British.
  • Romy - Tara's pet Beagle adopted from Friendly Pets Animal Shelter Tara Ransen and her family and is later married to a female Beagle named Julonia and she gave birth to 5 puppies 3 males and 2 females. His nationality is British.
  • Gerald Jansen - Tara's 20 year old red haired brother who likes books, he got married to Susan Ransen and she gave birth to Jared Ransen and Joshua Ransen. He and his sister sing Hello Goodbye. His nationality is British.


Color Tara


Tara Will Appear in The Films.

Tara Will No Longer Say Crumbs on Season 2 And She Will Able Say Pickles A Lot