LC 01

Lovely Carrot

Lovely Carrot is Chloe's Best

Friend, Gratest fan and Constant

Companion, Accompanying her on

all her Adventures and Exploring

any challenge they Encounter.

Lovely Carrot is a Security Blanket

with a fuzzy Duck Head Which

Makes it easy for Chloe t Tote

him Everywhere.

Being a Secuity Blanket, Lovely

Carrot is Ready, Willing and able to

Protect Chloe at any Cost.

When Chloe and Lovely Carrot are Playing

in the bedroom, Chloe Speaks for

Lovely Carrot, using a Special Pretend

Voice and Moving him through

their Game.

But, after they Open the Closet

and Enter an Adventure, Lovely

Carrot comes to life and is able to

Run and Jump and Play for Himself

and use his very own Voice

His catchphrases are "No worries!" and "Flying feathers!"


Chloe and Lovely Carrot


He still will say "flying feathers" in the 3rd season.