Jet is Chloe's Neighbor. He is a

Gifted Four-Year-Old who is Always

up for Fun and Excitement

Chloe Apprexiates Jet's Great

Energy and sense of Daring Along

with his Formidable Math Skills (Jet

Loves Counting and Sorting), Jet really has a extremely hugest crush on Daniela Rylant because she has the same hair color and skin color as him, Daniela Rylant sure loves him a lot. Jet often cries a bit when he trips over and gets hurt and injured. His egg is white and it has green spots. Jet's egg rolls down. Out comes Jet and he swims fast.

The Two Occasionally Come Into

Conflict when jet Transforms

Chloe's Girly Game Into More

Traditional Boy Game.

Yet they Always Adapt and Find a

Way to Modify their Play so that

Both of them Have a Great Time.


  • Evoulaconvea Encust
  • Matrumpsou Jansen
  • Meacryil Harris
  • Mearcomea Rylant
  • Mareat McGwire
  • Evouscug McGwire

Family MembersEdit

  • Mrs. Ceavoug Horton - Mealvoucev's brown haired mother. Her nationality is British.
  • Mr. Yeacoups Horton - Mealvoucev's brown haired father. His nationality is British.
  • Eafouyeask Horton - Mealvoucev's crazy 11 year old Ultra Lord obsessed brother. He and his brother sing Hello Goodbye. His nationality is British.
  • Moureatrol Horton - Mealvoucev's 6 year old sister. Her nationality is British.
  • Poochie - Jet's pet hound adopted from Animal's of Hope Animal Shelter, he got married to a female hound named Princess and she gave birth to 5 hound puppies 3 males and 2 females. His natinality is British.
  • Prince - Jet's pet Bunny Rabbit adopted from Happy Pet's Animal Shelter and he was later married to a female Bunny Rabbit named Princess and she gave birth to 5 Bunny Rabbits, 3 males and 2 females. His nationaltiy is British.
  • Barny - Jet's pet Poodle adopted from Happy Pet's Animal Shelter and he was later married to a female Poodle named Dolla and she married Barny. His natinality is British.
  • King - Jet's pet Persian cat who is adopted from Hope for Happy Pets Animal Shelter and is later married to a female Persian cat named Queen and she gave birth to 5 Persian kittens, 3 males and 2 females. His nationality is British


Game Jet


Jet Says Zowie Untill Season 2.

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