Chloe's Closet Deluxe
Various Artists
Released 2015
Recorded 2015
Length Music
Label 2 CD
Produced by Universal Music

CD 1Edit

  1. Love Love
  2. Aliñe
  3. Alala das mariñas
  4. Piano 2 in ansd
  5. Call Me MistaCookieJar
  6. La La La
  7. Borhtad
  8. Bad Romance
  9. Ele ele ele come out
  10. Simple Toc
  11. Tik Tok
  12. Birhtday
  13. Coming Up
  14. Jelly Twist
  15. Say Remember

CD 2Edit

  1. Pronlem
  2. Simahari
  3. Half Point
  4. Europe smile
  5. On Ira
  6. Alalala Of Galli
  7. Says
  8. Bella es you
  9. Overaal
  10. Comin
  11. Kids Today (remix)

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