Chloe's Closet: The Video Game is video game based on the TV series for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Ds, PC ,And Nintendo 3DS. In the DS version, you can customize your character and your 3 siblings and make more unlimited characters if you want.


The Battle of Britain has begun as World War II rages on, the gangsta rappers, teenagers, Anime teenagers from Anime TV shows and Nazi troops from Germany are invading the streets of London, the shop merchants are armed with pistols, machine guns and rifles, British troops are armed with pistols and rifles and the preschoolers are armed for battle with their colorful baseball bats, colorful bouncy balls, hunting rifles, bombs, dynamite and the allied teenagers and the preschoolers' teenager siblings are armed with machine guns, bombs, dynamite and baseball bats and tanks and trucks to fight off the gangsta rappers, teenagers, Anime teenagers from Anime TV shows and Nazi troops and Nazi bomber planes? dropped the bombs on your home and your parents were killed in the explosion and you and your 3 siblings take shelter and after your parents, funeral, you go to the London Train Station with your 3 siblings and the allied teenagers and British troops and all the preschoolers, parents bid their farewells to their children and siblings and journied to Chloe's home land and your 1st day of play dress up with Chloe and her friends has just begun.

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