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CH 03


Chloe Corbin, is a Four-Year-Old Welsh Girl who likes playing dress up with her Friends. She is really very adorable but very lovable and friendly.

Dress up Play is where Chloe

Unleashes her vivid and fanciful

Imagination, Embarking Upon

Fantastic Adventures.

Chloe's magical closet is powered up.

Chloe is a Brave and Confident

and Trusts That it will lead into

Wonderful and Whimsical Places.

Everything is Possible in her World!

Her catchphrases are "Lollipops!" and "Anything is possible in my world!"


  • Lovely Carrot</li>
  • Tara Jansen</li>
  • Lillian McGwire</li>
  • Marcus McGwire</li>
  • Daniela Rylant</li>
  • Jet Horton</li>
  • Riley Harris</li>
  • Family Members

            • Mrs. Gina Corbin - Chloe's blonde haired mother who appears in some of the episodes. Her nationality is Welsh.
            • Mr. Paul Corbin - Chloe's brown haired father who appears in some of the episodes. His nationality is Welsh.


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